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New Music Videos

We’ve been so busy we’ve been slow to update our site!But we want to alert you to two videos we’ve made in conjunction with the new album. 

Pansy Division has so far released two videos in connection with our new album Quite Contrary. We are working on others we hope to release in the next few months.

1. The first one we did was for Kiss Me At Midnight (New Year’s Eve). Luis organized the shoot for this clip in Brooklyn, and you can see him briefly in the video if you are looking closely. Directed by Zefrey Throwell (thanks Zefrey!)

Kiss Me At Midnight (New Year’s Eve)

2. The second clip is for Blame The Bible, conceived and edited by John Austin Childress. The shots were culled from found footage and assembled to make a topical video for this worrisome election season. 

Blame The Bible