Update on shows


Update on shows

Posted OnJune 21, 2020 0

It will come as no surprise that we are not expecting to play any live shows the rest of this year. Despite having scheduled a number of shows throughout the year, the outlook is grim for live music. Some shows have not been formally cancelled, but it’s highly unlikely they will occur, and we have removed them from our Upcoming Shows list.

The show we most looked forward to was our appearance at the Burger Boogaloo, where we to open for Bikini Kill. It was supposed to happen in July, then was rescheduled for Halloween weekend, and has now been pushed back to July 2021. They have also renamed it BB 11, to reflect the word “boogaloo” being hijacked by white supremacist extremists.

We’re glad we made it to our Texas shows right before the pandemic hit, and look forward to whenever it is we can safely perform live again.