Singles & Such


Singles & Such

You may have noticed, on Spotify and Apple Music and other music streaming sites, that there is a new Pansy Division release. Singles & Such collects original songs that had been released on Pileup, More Lovin’ From From Our Oven, as well as other songs from singles and compilations. We left off the covers for various reasons, wanting to get our original songs which had not previously been on the streaming platforms out there and circulating.

Pansy Division Singles & Such

We also included one cover, our version of the Stooges’ “Loose,” which had appeared on the late ’90s Stooges tribute CD We Will Fall, because it’s one of our best covers and was never on one of our albums. There is no CD or LP release, it’s a digital-only release.

Here’s the track listing:
1. Fuck Buddy
2. Ring of Joy
3. Bill & Ted’s Homosexual Adventure
4. Touch My Joe Camel
5. Strip U Down
6. Valentine’s Day
7. Manada
8. Hockey Hair
9. Political Asshole
10. Musclehead
11. Your Loss
12. I Know Your Type
13. Expiration Date 01/97
14. Loose