Breaking Down the Walls of Heartache


Breaking Down the Walls of Heartache

Posted OnMay 27, 2019 0

Martin Aston’s 2017 book Breaking Down the Walls of Heartache does an incredible job of documenting gay music over the past 100 years, and is well worth a read. When Pansy Division began, thinking there had never been gay rock bands before us, we figured as time went by we would learn of some, but we did not hear of much. Many rock musicians are described here that pre-date us, but very few entirely gay bands.

Three pages of this 500+ page tome are devoted to Pansy Division, which describes us well (though he states that we were never an all-gay band, which we were from 1997-2004 when Patrick Goodwin was our guitarist). An enlightening and entertaining read, though it took a long time to finish because I kept stopping to go on YouTube to look up songs.

Read the author’s blog for more details.